Winter LookBook with Amanda Lassiter Photography

Earlier this month we teamed up with an incredibly talented Tulsa Photographer, Amanda Lassiter, to style some looks for a winter and early spring lookbook. This is a collaboration that is extremely close to my heart because we took women who are authentic, relatable, and beautiful on the inside and out and brought our vision for Amaranth Collection to life. Amanda has been shopping in my store for the past year, and as we have shared our hearts with each other each time she visits we realized that working together would be really great. Thus, the winter lookbook idea was born. Amanda invited the women from her bible study to come hang out with us on a Sunday afternoon and let us pamper them with hair styling by Andrea Sands at Philosophy Salon and Makeup by Mary B followed by a photoshoot that would capture their glowing beauty and inspire women just like them who want to find their style in 2015.

cute dress with necklace photography amanda lassiter photography

It is our Amaranth Collection mission to help women feel confident and stylish at any stage of life. We strive to buy pieces that are trendy and affordable, and most of all — wearable for many different occasions. We want to help our customers feel excited about wearing cute clothes. Something close to my heart is the fact that as women we go through different stages in our life. Whether you are settling into a career after college life, or you just had a baby and you’re realizing your body is completely different than it was before you were pregnant, or you’ve decided to become active and healthy and you’re body is the best it has ever been, whatever the case may be, we are here you help you rediscover your style in that stage.

In my life, I have experienced a lot of different unexpected circumstances that totally changed the way I viewed myself which directly changed the way I felt in clothing. I think most women have experienced this feeling, it can be a positive view or a negative view, either way it’s a change and sometimes it’s difficult to adjust when you’ve become comfortable with just dressing in what works. That statement is ironic because most of the time we settle for clothing that doesn’t make us feel comfortable and doesn’t actually “work.”

The reason our team of stylists feel so passionate about providing great customer service is that we are inspired daily by the women who come into our store. I remember a few months ago, a woman came in and asked if we could help her find stylish pieces that she actually felt good wearing. Our stylist Rachael helped her find multiple outfits that looked amazing and rule out the ones that didn’t make the customer feel confident. Later that week, I received a text from a mutual friend to that customer who told us that customer mentioned that she had never walked out of a store, let alone a boutique, without tears in her eyes because she felt like she could never find stylish clothing in this stage of her life.

It is in those moments, the moments when I hear uplifting reviews, when I build meaningful relationships with customers, when any of our stylists get to know about what that “stage” of life you’re in at the moment, those are the moments I know everything our team dreams is coming true in our local store. This is the mission we are working around the clock to bring to our online store in 2015. We are striving to build the store we have built in our Tulsa Boutique in an online setting. We hope that you’ll grow with us, follow us, spread the word with us about changing the way women shop in 2015. We can’t wait to see who walks through our doors, orders online, and allows us to help them find a new style this year. Thank you for tagging along on this journey! Cheers to 2015!

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