How to Dress Like You Hired a Stylist

How to look like you hired a stylist


1. Make a List of Your Favorite Features 

As women, we are always hardest on ourselves about our own features. Often in my store when styling women I hear about all the features that they dislike. The first step in dressing like you hired a stylist is to make a list of your favorite features. This task needn’t last long, just take five to ten minutes thinking about the features of your current self — not the features that you loved 10 years ago! The greatest thing we can do for ourselves is to be confident in who we are in the present.

I have done this the easy way as my body has changed throughout the years by thinking of my current favorite outfits. Why do I love to wear that outfit? What is it about that outfit that makes me feel great? Usually it’s because it highlights my features or hides the elements I don’t like while still making me feel great and stylish.

Style is most definitely a mindset. When you think positive thoughts about yourself you will open up a whole new world with your personal style.

2. Know Your Body Type 

I believe that we all have a body type, but my biggest qualm with this is when women put themselves in one category and only do what certain blogs or TV shows tell them to do.

Knowing your body type provides a general guideline. The reason why I feel so strongly about this is because you could take three “pear-shaped” bodies and give them all the correct clothes to try on, yet they would all look different to each other and feel different in the clothing too.

This blog by Who What Wear is one that I really love because they often use the word “try” when referring to all the different body types which leads to my next point — try new things.

3. Try New Things

Dressing like you hired a stylist is all about trying new things. A stylist is going to do exactly that – try new things on you. If you follow steps 1 and 2, you’ve got a great starting point to developing your own personal style that makes you feel great every day.

Even if you’ve been told your whole life that a peplum style top would look horrible on you, there are plenty of different fits for a peplum top and if you find one that catches your eye — try it! Don’t be discouraged if it doesn’t work out, be happy with yourself for branching out and learning more about yourself. Even if it doesn’t work, you’ve just taken a step closer to knowing your personal style.

How to Dress Like You Hired A Stylist

So often that is the biggest brick wall I hit when I am trying to style customers – they refuse to try new things or to try something that takes them out of their comfort zone. I don’t have an exact percentage but if I had to guess, about 80% of customers who agree to try something new end up finding something they love; if they hadn’t been willing to try it they would never have known about it.

Don’t be afraid to try new things — it will bring you closer to knowing yourself on a deeper level!

4. Learn to Love Yourself

It’s so important to love yourself in the present. I am currently 28 years old and four sizes bigger than I was when I was 22. I used to be really demoralized by that, always dwelling on: “What if I cut out all carbs?” or “What if I could just look the way I used to?” When I was stuck in that mindset I just wore the frumpiest, loose-fitting top I could find; I didn’t think it was worth loving myself until I could get back to where I used to be.

I don’t think I’m alone in this mindset, but about a year ago I knew I had to break the cycle, I couldn’t live that way any more. I’m not that 22 year-old any longer. I have a business that provides me with a full-time job (plus some), I’m married, and I have a lot more responsibility, so it’s okay to say “I can’t do it all.” 

I started working out with a trainer twice a week. This has given me motivation to take care of myself in all areas of my life, for real. I think it’s important to find what those important areas are for you, whether it’s working out, eating a healthy diet, or simply taking more time for self-care. If you have stopped doing things to love yourself over time, just add one back into your life because seriously, you are loved and you should love yourself too.

After doing this workout routine for a year, I’m not down by the 30 pounds I wish I was, but I’m okay with that. I’m happy feeling fit and healthy and that gives me a lot of confidence. I gave up dwelling on my past self or what my future self could be and learned to truly love myself in the present day. I believe that is probably one of the greatest steps towards achieving your own personal style.

5. Dress for Your Lifestyle

The title of this step can be a little deceiving. It doesn’t mean that if you’re a mom you should only dress in clothes that you know will be ruined, neither does it mean that if you’re a college student you should only dress in oversized t-shirts and soft running shorts. It means that you take your goals and lifestyle into consideration when you’re shopping.

I highlight moms because so many of them who come into my store limit themselves to the basics. I believe you should take your lifestyle into consideration, but you shouldn’t let it overrule your style. Yes, you’re a mom; yes, you’ve probably had something spilled on you this week or you’ve been running around with the kids, but you can still look stylish and feel great about yourself while doing it. Try adding some patterns to your comfy look and try some skinny stretch jeans so you don’t feel confined by your outfit. Give yourself some room to take that floral baseball tee from daytime with the kids then add a statement necklace or a long tassel necklace and go out with your man for dinner still looking just as fabulous.

With all this taken into consideration, the most important step you can take towards dressing like you hired a stylist is developing your confidence. A confident woman can achieve just about anything she sets her mind to, including styling her wardrobe fabulously.

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