Favorite Fashion Trends For Spring

Top 5 Fashion Trends For Spring


We all need some fashion inspiration every once in a while, and what better time to get inspired than at the beginning of a new season? There are so many adorable spring trends out there to follow, but we narrowed them down to our top five favorites and we want to share them in the hope of inspiring you!

  • Floral

On anything from baseball tees, to dresses, to adorable peplum tops, we are obsessed with floral patterns! We are never surprised when our floral tops and dresses sell so quickly. Floral patterns in your spring wardrobe is the perfect way to stay stylish. If you want to stand out and stay trendy this spring, floral patterns are definitely the way to go!

Bright floral kimono with creme tassel tank

  • Flowy Dresses

Flowy dresses were perfect last fall, paired with booties and a cute sweater, but they can also be carried over into spring with some darling sandals and a necklace! While there’s nothing wrong with more form-fitting dresses, flowy dresses are super comfy and perfect for warm spring days. You can pair a flowy dress with a pair of sandals for a more casual day look, or throw on some stunning wedges to give your dress a more dressy, evening look.

Bright floral flowy tank dress

  • Pastels

Pastel colors have a certain airiness that has spring written all over them. You can never go wrong with pastels in the spring time! A pastel colored top with white skinny jeans and nude sandals or wedges is just what your wardrobe needs for this spring. But we don’t limit pastels to dresses or shirts, we are also in love with pastel accessories (especially druzy ones). Pastel colors are flattering on everyone, and that’s why this trend is one of our favorites for spring!

Pink, mint, and yellow lace tanks with white jeans and booties

  • Mixed Patterns

Including mixed patterns in our top five fashion trends for this spring was almost a no-brainer! We love mixing patterns, but it is one of those things that can scare people away. In most cases, the key is to stick to the same color palette and mix big using small prints. It’s typically best to stick to the same two or three colors in both patterns, and avoid mixing bright colors with pastel colors (even though we love both, they don’t always make the best combination together). Also remember that if you have a busy pattern on top, then pair it with a more simple print on the bottom (or vice versa). Mixing patterns can be tricky, but when you do it the right way all your friends will go head over heels for your style.

Navy striped baseball tee with pink and navy floral sleeves

  • Druzy

Druzy accessories are all the rage this spring, and we couldn’t be more excited! Our customers can’t get enough of our druzy bracelets, necklaces, and earrings. These accessories add that perfect little touch to any spring outfit. Druzy accessories are simple enough to pair with just about anything you have in your closet, while being bold enough to make a statement. If you like this style of accessory as much as we do, then you’re off to the perfect start for spring!

pink druzy tassel necklace, hematite druzzy triangle necklace, black druzy stud earrings, gold hoop earrings with clear druzy in middle


How to Dress Like You Hired a Stylist

How to look like you hired a stylist


1. Make a List of Your Favorite Features 

As women, we are always hardest on ourselves about our own features. Often in my store when styling women I hear about all the features that they dislike. The first step in dressing like you hired a stylist is to make a list of your favorite features. This task needn’t last long, just take five to ten minutes thinking about the features of your current self — not the features that you loved 10 years ago! The greatest thing we can do for ourselves is to be confident in who we are in the present.

I have done this the easy way as my body has changed throughout the years by thinking of my current favorite outfits. Why do I love to wear that outfit? What is it about that outfit that makes me feel great? Usually it’s because it highlights my features or hides the elements I don’t like while still making me feel great and stylish.

Style is most definitely a mindset. When you think positive thoughts about yourself you will open up a whole new world with your personal style.

2. Know Your Body Type 

I believe that we all have a body type, but my biggest qualm with this is when women put themselves in one category and only do what certain blogs or TV shows tell them to do.

Knowing your body type provides a general guideline. The reason why I feel so strongly about this is because you could take three “pear-shaped” bodies and give them all the correct clothes to try on, yet they would all look different to each other and feel different in the clothing too.

This blog by Who What Wear is one that I really love because they often use the word “try” when referring to all the different body types which leads to my next point — try new things.

3. Try New Things

Dressing like you hired a stylist is all about trying new things. A stylist is going to do exactly that – try new things on you. If you follow steps 1 and 2, you’ve got a great starting point to developing your own personal style that makes you feel great every day.

Even if you’ve been told your whole life that a peplum style top would look horrible on you, there are plenty of different fits for a peplum top and if you find one that catches your eye — try it! Don’t be discouraged if it doesn’t work out, be happy with yourself for branching out and learning more about yourself. Even if it doesn’t work, you’ve just taken a step closer to knowing your personal style.

How to Dress Like You Hired A Stylist

So often that is the biggest brick wall I hit when I am trying to style customers – they refuse to try new things or to try something that takes them out of their comfort zone. I don’t have an exact percentage but if I had to guess, about 80% of customers who agree to try something new end up finding something they love; if they hadn’t been willing to try it they would never have known about it.

Don’t be afraid to try new things — it will bring you closer to knowing yourself on a deeper level!

4. Learn to Love Yourself

It’s so important to love yourself in the present. I am currently 28 years old and four sizes bigger than I was when I was 22. I used to be really demoralized by that, always dwelling on: “What if I cut out all carbs?” or “What if I could just look the way I used to?” When I was stuck in that mindset I just wore the frumpiest, loose-fitting top I could find; I didn’t think it was worth loving myself until I could get back to where I used to be.

I don’t think I’m alone in this mindset, but about a year ago I knew I had to break the cycle, I couldn’t live that way any more. I’m not that 22 year-old any longer. I have a business that provides me with a full-time job (plus some), I’m married, and I have a lot more responsibility, so it’s okay to say “I can’t do it all.” 

I started working out with a trainer twice a week. This has given me motivation to take care of myself in all areas of my life, for real. I think it’s important to find what those important areas are for you, whether it’s working out, eating a healthy diet, or simply taking more time for self-care. If you have stopped doing things to love yourself over time, just add one back into your life because seriously, you are loved and you should love yourself too.

After doing this workout routine for a year, I’m not down by the 30 pounds I wish I was, but I’m okay with that. I’m happy feeling fit and healthy and that gives me a lot of confidence. I gave up dwelling on my past self or what my future self could be and learned to truly love myself in the present day. I believe that is probably one of the greatest steps towards achieving your own personal style.

5. Dress for Your Lifestyle

The title of this step can be a little deceiving. It doesn’t mean that if you’re a mom you should only dress in clothes that you know will be ruined, neither does it mean that if you’re a college student you should only dress in oversized t-shirts and soft running shorts. It means that you take your goals and lifestyle into consideration when you’re shopping.

I highlight moms because so many of them who come into my store limit themselves to the basics. I believe you should take your lifestyle into consideration, but you shouldn’t let it overrule your style. Yes, you’re a mom; yes, you’ve probably had something spilled on you this week or you’ve been running around with the kids, but you can still look stylish and feel great about yourself while doing it. Try adding some patterns to your comfy look and try some skinny stretch jeans so you don’t feel confined by your outfit. Give yourself some room to take that floral baseball tee from daytime with the kids then add a statement necklace or a long tassel necklace and go out with your man for dinner still looking just as fabulous.

With all this taken into consideration, the most important step you can take towards dressing like you hired a stylist is developing your confidence. A confident woman can achieve just about anything she sets her mind to, including styling her wardrobe fabulously.

How to Wear a Rectangle Blanket Scarf


One of our most common questions is “HOW do I wear this gigantic scarf?” We’ve compiled 3 ways to wear a rectangle blanket scarf. The difference between a rectangle blanket scarf and a square blanket scarf are the dimensions, the rectangular shape makes it a little more complicated because you cannot fold it into a triangle like you can the blanket scarf. Check out the three ways we’ve chosen to wear this scarf and keep an eye out for another tutorial for square blanket scarfs coming soon!

Floppy Hats & Flowy Tops

Today our style post has a southern feel. We are totally loving the new look with the felt floppy hat and when this new arrival came in we knew we had to get out and style it ASAP! We’ve paired it with one of our favorite new basics (more to come on that top soon!) and our must-have jeans. This look takes style to a whole new level — the comfort level! You can’t look more on trend and yet feel more comfortable with this outfit of the day.

This look will transition perfectly to fall by adding some tall riding boots, a cute cardi and if it’s chilly enough pair it up with a blanket scarf. We will definitely be styling these floppy hats for the fall! What do you think about this trend?! Are you loving the look of floppy hats?!

cute fall styled outfit


pink flowy top with floppy felt hat

floppy felt hat with cute flowy top

cute basic flowy top paired with hat for fall

knotted tassel necklace fall outfit style

Basic Tee – Rose $27 | What’s Knot to Love Necklace $14 | Felt Floppy Hat $21 | Bronze Strappy Sandal $30

You can get this complete look at our Tulsa Boutique or call our store 918-392-7858 to order via phone.

Winter LookBook with Amanda Lassiter Photography

Earlier this month we teamed up with an incredibly talented Tulsa Photographer, Amanda Lassiter, to style some looks for a winter and early spring lookbook. This is a collaboration that is extremely close to my heart because we took women who are authentic, relatable, and beautiful on the inside and out and brought our vision for Amaranth Collection to life. Amanda has been shopping in my store for the past year, and as we have shared our hearts with each other each time she visits we realized that working together would be really great. Thus, the winter lookbook idea was born. Amanda invited the women from her bible study to come hang out with us on a Sunday afternoon and let us pamper them with hair styling by Andrea Sands at Philosophy Salon and Makeup by Mary B followed by a photoshoot that would capture their glowing beauty and inspire women just like them who want to find their style in 2015.

cute dress with necklace photography amanda lassiter photography

It is our Amaranth Collection mission to help women feel confident and stylish at any stage of life. We strive to buy pieces that are trendy and affordable, and most of all — wearable for many different occasions. We want to help our customers feel excited about wearing cute clothes. Something close to my heart is the fact that as women we go through different stages in our life. Whether you are settling into a career after college life, or you just had a baby and you’re realizing your body is completely different than it was before you were pregnant, or you’ve decided to become active and healthy and you’re body is the best it has ever been, whatever the case may be, we are here you help you rediscover your style in that stage.

In my life, I have experienced a lot of different unexpected circumstances that totally changed the way I viewed myself which directly changed the way I felt in clothing. I think most women have experienced this feeling, it can be a positive view or a negative view, either way it’s a change and sometimes it’s difficult to adjust when you’ve become comfortable with just dressing in what works. That statement is ironic because most of the time we settle for clothing that doesn’t make us feel comfortable and doesn’t actually “work.”

The reason our team of stylists feel so passionate about providing great customer service is that we are inspired daily by the women who come into our store. I remember a few months ago, a woman came in and asked if we could help her find stylish pieces that she actually felt good wearing. Our stylist Rachael helped her find multiple outfits that looked amazing and rule out the ones that didn’t make the customer feel confident. Later that week, I received a text from a mutual friend to that customer who told us that customer mentioned that she had never walked out of a store, let alone a boutique, without tears in her eyes because she felt like she could never find stylish clothing in this stage of her life.

It is in those moments, the moments when I hear uplifting reviews, when I build meaningful relationships with customers, when any of our stylists get to know about what that “stage” of life you’re in at the moment, those are the moments I know everything our team dreams is coming true in our local store. This is the mission we are working around the clock to bring to our online store in 2015. We are striving to build the store we have built in our Tulsa Boutique in an online setting. We hope that you’ll grow with us, follow us, spread the word with us about changing the way women shop in 2015. We can’t wait to see who walks through our doors, orders online, and allows us to help them find a new style this year. Thank you for tagging along on this journey! Cheers to 2015!

winter fashion and spring style cookbook

Winter Fashion Trends

While we are being spoiled here in Oklahoma with a few beautifully warm sunny days, there’s no doubt winter is not quite gone. The chill will be back, and you’ll want to look your best. We’ve come up with our favorite colors for winter that will easy carry into spring, and can be paired with spring colors to make a season-friendly transitional outfit.

Color Trends

Our favorite colors for winter 2015 are soft and rich. Our color palette includes burgundy, navy, winter mint, and mocha. All of these colors are easy to pair with one another. We love the idea of the winter mint and soft turquoise paired with burgundy or navy. Wear a plaid blanket scarf with navy and burgundy with your favorite mocha dolman top or piko top for an adorable and trendy outfit.

winter color trends


Warm Trends: Headwraps & Boot Cuffs

Our favorite winter accessories are headwraps and boot cuffs. You can see we have paired our very favorite accessories with our very favorite colors. The head wraps and boot cuffs are available in our Tulsa Boutique located at 81st and Sheridan. Come shop with us Monday – Saturday!

boot cuffs with riding boots cute scarves for winter, plaid scarf colors for winter trends navy and burgundy

Style is always fun when you play around with colors. These rich colors are our winter colors. We pair these colors together a lot in our store. If you’re local and need some help putting outfits together, one of our stylists would be happy to help you create the look you’ve always wanted.

Winter Fashion

Winter fashion is all about what makes you feel cute, and most of the time what keeps you warm! Whether the wind chill is zero or 10 below zero, you should feel you look your best. Don’t be afraid to pair up different colors and create fresh looks from your existing wardrobe. You can also add accessories like boot cuffs, head wraps, or scarves to your outfits to make them look new and different.


Fall Fashions: Plaid Shirts

Whether we want to admit it (and with 100 degree weather with an even higher heat index, I’m wanting to admit it) Fall is on it’s way. We just returned of market and we can’t wait to show you the adorable fall fashions we ordered for the store and online. One of our favorite fall fashion trends is mixing the fall patterns. Everything from stripes with plaid shirts to lace on the bottom of lightweight sweaters. Of course, we had to make an outfit of the day with our favorite early fall fashions.

Here we’ve paired a summer piece that is almost sold out, this striped tank, with a new piece, this plaid shirt that is so comfy you’ll want to wear it everyday. You can wear it buttoned or open with a shirt underneath and that is what makes it so amazing. Oh, and it doesn’t hurt that it’s only $38.00.

This top is available now in-store at our Tulsa Boutique and will be available online here Monday night.

plaid shirts and distressed jeans fall fashion trends plaid shirts are on of our favorite fall fashions fall fashion trends include plaid shirts, distressed jeans, and mixing patterns.

Back to School Fashion

It’s time to head back to school, a love-hate relationship after a summer as beautiful as the one we have had here in Oklahoma. We’ve compiled a list of what we think are must-have items as you head back to college. Everything from the perfect game day dress to a tote that you love to carry around campus as you’re headed from one class to another. We’ve even included things like having the perfect clutch for those of you who are at larger campuses who don’t allow larger totes in the stadium on game days. We also love positive wall art, as you head off to one of the most fun stages of life, you’ll also experience a lot of personal growth and staying positive makes all the difference in the world. Daily reminders of positivity helped all of us and continue to help some of our Amaranth girls as they continue their college education and this season of life. Natural Life is one of our all time favorite vendors for positive quotes on all types of decorative pieces.  All of these items are available in our boutique in Tulsa, Amaranth Collection. Want to shop online? Click here

back to school fashion

back to school fashion must haves large tote

Cute Back to School Outfits

Have you been looking for cute back to school outfits? Whether you’re headed back to high school or off to college, you’re going to need the hook up for back to school fashion. We’ve put together some outfits that would meet dress code standards at most high schools locally, plus we’ve added some adorable options for all you college gals who want to look cute during those first few weeks of blazing hot weather. I can remember walking the campus at University of Arkansas and burning up that first week of school, but wanting to wear outfits that were cute at the same time. If you’re the same way, we’ve put together options for you.

You can’t go wrong for back to school fashion with maxi dresses. This dress is lined with a shorter skirt lining. The reason we love maxi dresses is because you can look cute, but if the weather is hot these dresses give you the look while being lightweight and airy.


striped maxi dress back to school fashion

Neon coral has got to be one of this season’s hottest colors. This dress is only $27 and worth every penny. You could wear this with gold strappy gladiator sandals or pair it with some cute nude or tan wedges for going out.

neon coral dress cute back to school outfits

Polka dots are hot! The line of this dress is just adorable. It has adjustable straps and it is racerback. We’ve paired it with our color me pretty necklace.

turquoise polka dot insta

This outfit is one for the college gals because I don’t think it meets so much of the high school dress code. This would be perfect for those back to school rush events or night events that are held by university programs and student life. Head out to an outdoor movie or exploring the campus.


peach top aztec skirt insta


If you’re looking for something a little more dressy that is still comfortable enough to wear around campus, this multicolor shift dress is just the back to school fashion you need. It’s fully lined and a great length! Our model is 5’4″ and wearing size small.

pattern pink blue dress insta


There are a range of cute back to school outfits to put together and choose from at Amaranth Collection. Stop by our Tulsa boutique or go online at www.amaranthcollection.com

Cute Rompers {Ruffles & Floral}

Have you been on the search for cute rompers?! Rompers are our new obsession around here. Especially when we can find the ones that fit well and look adorable! From floral patterns to white rompers and rompers with ruffles at the bottom. We’re sharing our favorites from our recent romper restocks.

black romper cute rompers

white romper cute rompers

purple romper cute rompers

Rompers can be hard to find if you’re looking for a good fit and a cute look. The best thing to look for is where the waistline hits, this will help you determine if it will fit your body type. As you can see in the photos above, the solid rompers have somewhat of a lower waistline than the white floral romper. The solid rompers have been fitting adorably on our petite customers who want a cute romper with modest length shorts.

The floral romper is one of our best-selling rompers because of the fit. These cute rompers don’t just fit well on one body type. Because the waistline is higher and the shorts length is not too short, petite to tall people have been able to pull this romper off with maximum style. That’s why we love this fit.

What we also love when looking for a romper is lining. If the romper is lined, it’s going to give you that extra coverage.

What to wear with cute rompers?

When it comes to undergarments with rompers, if the top is not lined we often recommend a cute bandeau or camisole. With our floral romper we have paired a fuchsia pink camisole underneath.

We think rompers look stylish whether you wear them with your favorite wedge heels or style them casually with your favorite t-strap sandal. Most rompers give the “dainty” look, which means accessorizing must be done with ease. We suggest pairing simple necklaces, long or short, with your favorite rompers. With the white floral romper, we have been pairing a simple long necklace with a girly pendant or just a plain gold simple necklace that looks simple and dainty.

How do you wear your cute rompers?! Comment below.