Cute Back to School Outfits

Have you been looking for cute back to school outfits? Whether you’re headed back to high school or off to college, you’re going to need the hook up for back to school fashion. We’ve put together some outfits that would meet dress code standards at most high schools locally, plus we’ve added some adorable options for all you college gals who want to look cute during those first few weeks of blazing hot weather. I can remember walking the campus at University of Arkansas and burning up that first week of school, but wanting to wear outfits that were cute at the same time. If you’re the same way, we’ve put together options for you.

You can’t go wrong for back to school fashion with maxi dresses. This dress is lined with a shorter skirt lining. The reason we love maxi dresses is because you can look cute, but if the weather is hot these dresses give you the look while being lightweight and airy.


striped maxi dress back to school fashion

Neon coral has got to be one of this season’s hottest colors. This dress is only $27 and worth every penny. You could wear this with gold strappy gladiator sandals or pair it with some cute nude or tan wedges for going out.

neon coral dress cute back to school outfits

Polka dots are hot! The line of this dress is just adorable. It has adjustable straps and it is racerback. We’ve paired it with our color me pretty necklace.

turquoise polka dot insta

This outfit is one for the college gals because I don’t think it meets so much of the high school dress code. This would be perfect for those back to school rush events or night events that are held by university programs and student life. Head out to an outdoor movie or exploring the campus.


peach top aztec skirt insta


If you’re looking for something a little more dressy that is still comfortable enough to wear around campus, this multicolor shift dress is just the back to school fashion you need. It’s fully lined and a great length! Our model is 5’4″ and wearing size small.

pattern pink blue dress insta


There are a range of cute back to school outfits to put together and choose from at Amaranth Collection. Stop by our Tulsa boutique or go online at

June Tunes — in July!

I’m well aware that my favorite playlist has carried from June into July, but I can’t help myself, I must share! I’m more a top 40 hits type of gal these days although I do like to throw in some country songs here and there. I like upbeat, I can’t listen to slow songs especially in the summer. I tried to have the indie personality in college, I failed. I’m back to my roots with some pop hits and top 40. This is my “June Tunes” playlist from spotify — which is also my new favorite thing! What are you listening to these days?


Cute Rompers {Ruffles & Floral}

Have you been on the search for cute rompers?! Rompers are our new obsession around here. Especially when we can find the ones that fit well and look adorable! From floral patterns to white rompers and rompers with ruffles at the bottom. We’re sharing our favorites from our recent romper restocks.

black romper cute rompers

white romper cute rompers

purple romper cute rompers

Rompers can be hard to find if you’re looking for a good fit and a cute look. The best thing to look for is where the waistline hits, this will help you determine if it will fit your body type. As you can see in the photos above, the solid rompers have somewhat of a lower waistline than the white floral romper. The solid rompers have been fitting adorably on our petite customers who want a cute romper with modest length shorts.

The floral romper is one of our best-selling rompers because of the fit. These cute rompers don’t just fit well on one body type. Because the waistline is higher and the shorts length is not too short, petite to tall people have been able to pull this romper off with maximum style. That’s why we love this fit.

What we also love when looking for a romper is lining. If the romper is lined, it’s going to give you that extra coverage.

What to wear with cute rompers?

When it comes to undergarments with rompers, if the top is not lined we often recommend a cute bandeau or camisole. With our floral romper we have paired a fuchsia pink camisole underneath.

We think rompers look stylish whether you wear them with your favorite wedge heels or style them casually with your favorite t-strap sandal. Most rompers give the “dainty” look, which means accessorizing must be done with ease. We suggest pairing simple necklaces, long or short, with your favorite rompers. With the white floral romper, we have been pairing a simple long necklace with a girly pendant or just a plain gold simple necklace that looks simple and dainty.

How do you wear your cute rompers?! Comment below.

June Beauty Product Reviews

Beauty Product Reviews

Each month I’m sharing my favorite beauty product reviews in a post. This post I have themed “best of the best” because these products have truly become some of my very favorites. I’ve been using some seriously awesome products that I mostly discovered at Nordstrom Rack. I had never really shopped at Nordstrom Rack, but I’ve started stopping in each time I’m in Dallas all because of the beauty section. I have found some of my favorite eye shadow color palettes there, and as I will tell you today I found my new favorite face wash there as well.

Best Facial Cleanser

I’ve been searching for a facial cleanser that has multiple features. My face dries out easily, so I need something that works for dry skin yet removes leftover makeup residue. I use makeup wipes before I wash my face, but I still have left over makeup that I need a good cleanser to remove without making my skin flaky and dry. This face wash does the trick, it’s the Stila Coming Clean Cleanser. It leaves my skin feeling SO clean, yet my skin doesn’t feel that dry feeling that I get with most washes. It has the feel of the expensive designer face washes without the designer price.

Best Facial Cleanser Stila Coming Clean

Best Lengthening Mascara

This month I went through a few different mascaras. Mostly drug store products, until once again, I found a haul of products at Nordstrom Rack. This mascara, in my opinion, is the best lengthening mascara and the best mascara for volume that I have found at this price. This NYX Dolly Eyes mascara is only $9.50! Seriously? I love how it feels lightweight while adding crazy volume. Have you tried it? What do you think?

best lengthening mascara best mascara for volume nyx doll eye


Best Lotion for Dry Skin

I will preface this beauty product review by saying I only use this moisturizer at nighttime. It is definitely the best nighttime moisturizer I have used. It’s a thick and creamy substance, but it doesn’t leave your skin feeling like a layer of oil is setting on top. I happened to get this with a lotion package I purchased at Sam’s, but it can be found at almost any drugstore, wal-mart, or target. It’s the Curel Intensive Healing Cream. I use it after I’ve removed my makeup and washed my face before bed. I wake up feeling refreshed and my skin feels fabulous. A perfect palette prepared for flawless makeup.

Curel Intensive Healing Cream

Best Makeup Remover Wipes

I’ve read mixed reviews, however my review for the Neutrogena Makeup Remover Cleansing Towelettes is positive. I’ve tried many different brands, even more pricey ones than neutrogena and they seem to just push the makeup around instead of remove it. I like the way neutrogena’s brand removes hard to remove makeup like eyeshadow and mascara. I don’t know if there are any makeup removers out there that get all of the makeup off, but I use this as a pre-wash to my cleanser and it works perfectly for that.

Best Makeup Remover Wipes

Piko Tank Tops and More

Piko Tank Tops and More

We love the new trend of bright colors and you know we are a fan of mixing colors to make an outfit all the more fabulous. In this post we highlight piko tank tops. If you love piko tops, you’ll definitely love the piko tank tops. We will say that these tops do fit shorter, but we adore the way they look paired with so many different outfit options. Here are just a few ways we styled some outfits available in the store.

We are not only featuring the piko tank tops today, we are featuring some of our favorite items in the store right now. This includes the royal blue aztec tank, coral maxi skirt, coral and white skater skirt, aztec bandage skirt, and our floral shorts. You can find all of these items in-store at our Tulsa Boutique, Amaranth Collection. 

Our aztec tank pairs perfectly with the coral maxi skirt because our favorite tops to pair with maxi skirts are the flowy tanks that have a slight hi-low feature. When you wear straight across tanks, it matches the cut of the skirt and tends to do nothing positive for highlighting any features or curves. We suggest that when you pair a top with a maxi skirt that it should be a crop top, a slight hi-low tank top, or a oversized top that you can tie in a knot (either to the side or tie the knot in the back and tuck it under).

Royal Blue Aztec Bead Top

What are piko tops?

Regular piko tops, short sleeve and long sleeve, are a top made from bamboo spandex. Bamboo spandex essentially feels like a more durable, slightly more soft version of a rayon and spandex top. Piko tops generally are fitted in the arms and loose through the body. What we love about them is that they don’t look straight up frumpy. They actually are comfortable and cute. You can dress them up or dress them casually. Basically, you can wear them all the time, they’re cute, and they feel like the most comfortable piece of clothing you have ever tried on.

Coral and Ivory Skater Skirt Nikibiki Tanks


Piko Tank Tops and Floral Shorts


Piko Tank Top with Aztec Skirt